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              Flat rim winder

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              Flat rim winder
              Flat rim round rolling machine: this machine is suitable for the round rolling of the plate. No need to change the roller when rolling, as long as the distance between the rollers is adjusted, rims with different diameters can be rolled.
              Main technical parameters:
              1. Spindle speed: 55 RPM;
              2. Rim diameter: 11~17.5"
              3. Rim width: 3~8"
              4. Number of rolls: 5
              5. Rolled rim thickness: 3~6mm
              6. Main motor power: 11KW
              7. Spindle drive mode: universal coupling drive
              8. Return method: pneumatic return
              9. Feeding method: forced feeding by roller
              10. Overall size: 2000*2000*2000
              11. Weight: 4500Kg

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