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              Servo rolling machine

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              Servo rolling machine
              The spindle is manufactured by 40CrMOW precision machining, with high fatigue strength. The spindle has the functions of up and down, inclination Angle and three-dimensional adjustment before and after. The spindle is driven directly by the servo motor. Each rolling machine has its own automatic feeding rack.
              Advantages: servo driven rolling machine can save most of the hydraulic equipment, the working environment is cleaner, reduce the huge noise in the process of use, very environmental protection; Avoid the use and replacement of a large number of hydraulic oil, unit time energy consumption is lower, comprehensive use cost is reduced. We can produce 12-17.5 "rim rolling machine and 17.5-38" servo rim rolling machine.
              Servo plate rim rolling machine technical parameters
              1. Rim diameter: 12~16"
              2. Rim width: 300mm,
              3. Thickness: 2.5 4 mm
              4. Spindle mounting die diameter: 135mm
              5. Spindle mounting die length: 350 mm
              5. Number of rollers: 2;
              6. Number of guide wheels: 2;
              7. Diameter of side guide shaft: 90 mm
              8. Side guide stroke: 200 mm
              9. Spindle speed: 50-450 RPM;
              10. Maximum distance from the center point of the upper and lower spindle: 362 mm (the upper axis is fully raised)
              11. Minimum distance between the center point of the upper and lower spindle: 262 mm (the lower axis is fully raised)
              12. Adjustable inclination Angle of the two spindles: 0~1.5
              13. Adjustable distance of the axial direction of the lower spindle: ±2 mm
              14. Spindle torque: 3850N.M;
              15. Lifting force of the lower spindle: 7000Kg;
              16. Motor power: 35KW;
              17. Spindle drive mode: servo motor intelligent drive;
              18. Guide wheel drive mode: pneumatic flexible drive;
              19. Electrical system control: delta PLC and touch screen, manual and automatic control;
              20. Lubrication method: centralized electric lubrication;
              21. Overall dimension: 2000X1600X1800;
              22. Weight: about 7000Kg;

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